October 11, 2024
Festival opens at 4 pm

October 12, 2024

Festival opens at 9 am

Live Entertainment!
Hundreds of Crafters and Vendors!
Delicious Food with Social Distancing!

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Apple Scrapple Food Court

The food court is one of our main attractions and we strive to provide a great selection to our festival attendees, with everything from apple dumplings to scrapple sandwiches, fries, pies, funnel cakes, BBQ, cheesesteaks and more! The apple dumplings served with ice cream are one of the most popular. As a juried event, we reserve the right to review and choose food vendors based on menu items that will improve our current menu options. If you would like to be considered, please email us at [email protected] with your contact information, preferred menu items, and a picture of your set-up (trailer, truck, or pop-up). Thank you for your interest in our festival!

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